How to Establish Network in New Location after an Office Move

Moving your office to Adelaide is a wise decision because it is among the most liveable cities in Australia. Its economy is active, the scope for business development is excellent, and trade & commerce run smoothly. However, moving an office is easier said than done. It can be extremely exhausting and challenging. According to expert removalists in Adelaide, moving an office is one of the most stressful events of anyone’s life. You have to kick start a new business or re-establish an old one, both of which can be extremely stressful mentally and physically.

Add to the stress, when you move your business connections are left behind, and you have to build your network in a new city. Not having a network can affect business growth, revenue, and stability of your enterprise. Therefore, while planning to move, it is essential to know how to establish a network in a new location after an office move. Here is your guide on how to do it.

Be Proactive

Start searching for organisations, brands, and business that can become future clients. Send introductory emails, letters, proposals, presentations etc. to them to introduce your work. Mention how you are opening a new office near them and list all your work to let potential clients know you are in the market to provide services or goods. Before moving, create a team to do thorough research and allocate them the task for relationship building.

Strengthen Your Referral System

Word of mouth, reviews, ratings, and feedback are essential to create new connections for your business. Therefore, make sure your system is secure, and it is a two-way street meaning your clients can provide you with recommendations for companies to approach and build your network. This system can work great for business-to-business setups.

However, if you have a business to customer setup then get feedback from your users, give them a call to see if they can provide contact details for people in Adelaide who they may know and would use your product or service.

Partake in Local Community Events

One way to make your company name known in a new city is to collaborate with local charity and welfare communities to conduct or be part of local events. Make a team of people who will handle corporate social responsibility campaigns for your business and get in touch with people or organisations that can help establish your company’s name for doing goodwill. According to market researches, clients and customers are more inclined to form associations with companies that are socially responsible and have plenty of goodwill in the community.

Use professional Apps

In this age of technology, it is easier to build a network in Adelaide than before. You can start by downloading apps and making your company’s profile. Get in touch with other organisations and their directors/ CEOs to start networking. The bigger your digital circle, the better you will be able to perform in the real world. Some of the popular apps used by entrepreneurs, investors, founders etc. are Bumble Bizz, Shapr, LinkedIn, Bizzabo Ltd., GroupMe, and many more.

Hire Good Removalists

Booking a reputed removals company in Adelaide is essential to help build your network in the new city. If you hire a reliable removalist, you can focus better on establishing your network, get feedback, pay visits to clients etc. The removalists will take off the burden of packing, handling, and moving your precious furniture, stationery, devices, and other belongings. They will disassemble and label everything properly, reducing the chances of misplacement entirely.

In addition, reputed removalists use the best packing material to safeguard your office content from damage during transit and handling. Considering the removalists in Adelaide will take care of so much for completing your moving process, you can focus on other important tasks without overly worrying about how you will manage the physical moving of belongings.


Establishing a network after moving your office to a new city can be challenging. However, for business owners moving to Adelaide, the process can be easier because the city is known for its welcoming, inclusive, and friendly culture. So, if you follow the steps mentioned above, it will be a lot easier to form quality and long-lasting connections with other business, investors, clients, stakeholders, and customers.